DEUTZ –25– 110KW
Diesel generator set (25-110KW)

Compact structure and convenient operation character our generator sets, what’s more the eight electrical indexes of which, such as power, voltage, frequency, etc. have reached the international level of the same kinds of products. The switches, instrument and indicator light which fixed in the generator set to monitor the running condition of the generator set can satisfy the basic requirement of customers.

Control system, an important part of the diesel generator set, is adaptable to 20-1200KW diesel generator set, with dry back or horizontal control panel. It is featured by new structure, complete functional and instruments in the control panel, convenient operation and reliable running. It can be installed in various kings of generator sets. The diesel generator set can be attached with preventing rain and dust cover.

Generator Set Model 25GF(Z) 36GF(Z) 50GF(Z) 75GF(Z) 100GF(Z) 110GF(Z)
Diesel Engine Model D226B-3D TD226B-3D TD226B-4D TD226B-6D TBD226B-6D TBD226B-6D5
Dynamotor Three- phrase alternators of Fuzhou LSG, Shanghai MP, Wuxi STF and English EG are optional.
Rated Power(PRP)kW 25 36 50 75 100 110
Rated Power(LSP)kW 28 40 55 83 110 121
Rated Voltage(V) 400
Rated Frequency (Hz) 50/60
Rated Current(PRP)A 45.1 65 90.2 135.3 180.4 198.5
Rated Current(LSP)A 50.5 72.2 99.2 149.8 198.5 218.3
Rated Power Factor COS 0.8 Lagging
Rated Speed (r/min) 1500
Ignition Mode Electronical Ignition
Ignition and Control Voltage 24V DC
Standard Speeder Electronical
Fuel Consumption g/kWh 239 228 221 227 216 210
Dimensions for Installation (L×W×H) mm 1660*640*1150 1660*640*1150 1900*640*1495 2700*900*1490 2700*900*1550 2700*900*1550
Net Weight(kg) 710 760 860 1230 1290 1300