Cummins–180-280 KW



The generator set has the advantages of automatic start-up, automatic power supply, automatic protection, automatic stop running, easy programming and reliable running. It can realize the intelligent running controlled by special PC when commercial power meets troubles (over voltage, under voltage, cut-off) the generator set can be started up and supply power for loads after accelerating speed, creating voltage switching on; when the commercial power becomes normal the generator set will switch off and send message to transfer commercial power to supply power, then the generator set stops running automatically after zero load running. This kind of automatic diesel generator set is mainly used to meet an emergency in post and telecommunication system, national defense, hospitals and high buildings.

Functions of automatic generator set
  • Automatic detecting the commercial power
  • Automatic start-up, accelerating speed, switching on and off, and stop running.
  • Automatic protection of high water temperature, low oil presser, over speed, under speed, over frequency, over voltage, under voltage, over current.
  • Low voltage of battery, breakdown of speed transducer alarm.
Optional automatic functions
  • Automatic transfer equipment between commercial power and generator set.
  • Automatic fuel replenishment.
  • Automatic cooling water and oil replenishment.
  • Automatic cooling water and oil heating.
  • Automatic storage battery charging.
  • Automatic parallel connection control system.

Generator Set Model 180GF(Z) 200GF(Z) 220GF(Z) 250GF(Z) 280GF(Z)
Diesel Engine Model NTA855-G NTA855-G1/GA NTA855-G1A NT855-G2 NT855-G4
Dynamotor Three- phrase alternators of Fuzhou LSG, Shanghai MP, Wuxi STF and English EG are optional.
Rated Power(PRP)kW 180 200 220 250 280
Rated Power(LSP)kW 198 220 242 275 308
Rated Voltage(V) 400
Rated Frequency (Hz) 50/60
Rated Current(PRP)A 324.8 360.8 396.9 451.1 505.2
Rated Current(LSP)A 357.3 396.9 436.6 496.1 555.7
Rated Power Factor COS 0.8 Lagging
Rated Speed (r/min) 1500
Ignition Mode Electronical Ignition
Ignition and Control Voltage 24V DC
Standard Speeder Electronical
Fuel Consumption g/kWh 219 219 219 210 204
Dimensions for Installation (L×W×H) mm 2900*1000*1750 2900*1000*1750 2900*1000*1750 2900*1000*1750 3200*1000*1750
Net Weight(kg) 2300 2350 2420 2470 2500